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When I was in first grade, I won a flower-arranging contest. That was it! I was hooked. But I didn't go to a shop to buy flowers for my masterpiece. Instead, I raided our yard. I raided our neighbors' yards. I even made my mother drive me across town so I could "borrow" some purple blooms from a wisteria vine I had spotted. I will always remember that bouquet. It had a field-to-vase look and an organic unstructured form I still admire.


Since then, I have studied floral design with Francoise Weeks, Holly Chapple and numerous Bay Area designers. Last year, I became a member of The Chapel Designers, a wildly talented and inspiring group of wedding experts and floral designers.


My aspiration to create unique, sustainable floral arrangements is at the heart of Thistle & Bone. Using only the freshest local and seasonable flowers and foliage, I design lush bouquets to suit any occasion. Whether it's for a wedding, a business, a photo shoot or any day or event that deserves flowers, my goal is to interpret and execute my client's vision with both passion and professionalism. Although my services are located in Boston and the New England Area, I am happy to travel almost anywhere.




“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.”


Luther Burbank

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